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4 ranges of exceptional spices to discover and offer

4 ranges of exceptional spices to discover and offer

From the first Kampot Pepper plants, to Hibiscus Flowers (which will soon be in stock), La Plantation range is constantly expanding as they find new local products and mixtures!

The choice of freshness

The most important thing for La Plantation remains the quality and freshness of their spices: they are a small spice producer and the main concern is to offer the best possible products. They produce the spices in small batches, following the natural harvesting rhythm of each plant. Each product undergoes its own processing to preserve its colour, taste and aroma. And what a reward for La Plantation to see the enthusiastic reactions of their visitors, gourmets, retailers or chefs when we let them taste our products! This confirms us in the choice to be an artisan of high quality Cambodian spices.

You may have noticed some stock shortages during the year. This is a collateral effect of La Plantation commitment to quality and freshness, and we cannot guarantee the availability of products throughout the year. So don't hesitate and go for the product that makes you dream! 


4 families of spices to discover  

Our Kampot and Long Peppers

The Kampot region has been renowned since the 19th century for its exceptional pepper. In addition to Black, Red and White Pepper, we wanted to innovate by creating original variants: Green dehydrated Kampot Pepper, Fresh Kampot Pepper with Salt (Green and Red), Smoked Kampot Pepper (Black and White). 

Long Pepper, originally from Java, is particularly popular in the region. 

Our Roots

Rural Cambodian families grow all kinds of roots around their homes. They know all the benefits. We have selected the roots to use in cooking including Turmeric, which contains a 14% curcumin content (a world record).

Our Chilies

 A range of all colours and strengths of spiciness. The choice is yours: powdered, trio, plain or smoked, you'll find the perfect partner to enhance your everyday dishes.


Our Mixes

 When you have these beautiful fresh spices on hand, it is easy to concoct blends, based on Kampot’s Flower of Salt and spices, for Khmer curries, or for desserts. A wide range of blends to suit all tastes, which go wonderfully with meat, fish, vegetables, cheese and desserts. 

La Plantation continues their quest for new spices in the country and will be happy to present their discoveries to you over the coming months, so don't hesitate to follow our adventures on our social networks.

Photo : La Plantation Fairspices.

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