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How to surprise your guests with an Omelette Soufflée?

How to surprise your guests with an Omelette Soufflée?

If, at first sight, an omelet seems like a pretty banal dish, it’s completely transformed in this ‘soufflée’ version, much more fluffy and light.

What is the secret behind this famous ‘omelette soufflée’ ?

To realise this ‘omelette soufflée’, the secret is to separate the eggs: yolks in a bowl and whites in another. The latter are whipped with a pinch of salt, until they become pretty firm. You may whisk the yolks and add them to the whites in several goes, whilst whisking continously to add a lot of air into the mixture.

Be careful: everything needs to be ready to be cooked at this point, as you cannot let this mixture sit as it will go down and loose all its fluffiness. 



How to spice up my ‘omelette soufflée’ ?

- We advise you to mill a bit of Black Kampot Pepper on the eggs, with some Flower of Salt for the classical version.

- Our Smoky Mix pairs perfectly with eggs and add a touch of smokiness whilst staying pretty mild.

- Our Spicy Mix adds an incredible aromatic palette to your omelet, full of flavours!


How to garnish it?

Omelettes soufflées pair perfectly with a large variety of ingredients and transform any leftovers and forgotten veggies into a festive meal! You just need to fry chestnut mushrooms (or oyster mushrooms if you are in Cambodia) with a bit of garlic, thym or parsley (as well as spinach or peppers). If you have any leftover ham, cheese, that’s ideal!

How to succeed in making an omelette soufflée ?

Your garnish is ready and cooked, and your egg mixture is well whisked? It’s time to cook it all. Add a chunk of salted butter into a pan. As it is fully melted down, but just before it starts to colour, add the egg mixture and immediately allocate your garnish on top of the omelet. It will quickly integrate to the eggs. Lower the heat after a minute or so, so that the bottom of the omelet doesn’t burn. The edges will start to detach after a few minutes, depending on its thickness.

You now have two options: if you made an individual omelet with 2 or 3 eggs, no need to turn it around. As the omelet detaches itself from the pan, you can serve it by folding it in half.

For a familial size, it’s a bit more complex as your omelet is much thicker, and we advise you to turn it around… You have to put a flat dish onto the pan taken out of the heat. Hold them both together (with oven mitts), and in a large single movement of rotation, turn the omelet around onto the dish. Now, if everything went according to plan, you just need to heat up a bit more salted butter in the pan on low heat. Slide the omelet from the dish back into the pan and leave to cook for only a minute or two, so that the eggs finish cooking, without hardening. 

Serve immediately after milling some extra Black Kampot Pepper on your omelette soufflée!

The consistency must be light and fluffy; a true treat for the whole family! 

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