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It was during an exploratory trip to South-East Asia that Nathalie and Guy, the owners of The Plantation, naturally fell in love with Cambodia. The discovery of the region of Kampot was decisive for them and a visit of a pepper plantation was a real revelation.

“We found our land in 2013 in the commune of Kon Sat. It had all the characteristics that we were looking for, namely the natural beauty of the site – land backing on to the mountains, overlooking the Secret Lake, with breathtaking views of Bokor Mountain, on one side, and the sea and Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, on the other side.

But the quality of the site is not enough to produce a good pepper. We therefore had the soil tested by several laboratories in order to ensure that it was suitable for our pepper plantation project.


Once we had purchased the land, we had to find the team to help us develop the project. We were lucky to meet our key manager Mr. Keak Heng, grandson of pepper planter immigrant from South China in the late 19th century. He joined La Plantation to take charge of the inception and management of the pepper farm. With more than 50 years of experience in the field, Mr. Keak is considered as one of the best experts in the Kampot Pepper appellation. He is the guarantor of the quality of the cultivation and production of La Plantation’s pepper.

He has formed a team of farmers which he has been training and running for more than four years. Our farmers have been recruited from neighboring villages. They are our Cambodian family and enjoy very good working and housing conditions in the region.”



Guy and Nathalie Porre : Owners
Keak Heng : Agricutural Director