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 Created in 2013, La Plantation, a family-owned project, is committed to grow and deliver the best sustainable spices. In the flagship farm in the Kampot area in southern Cambodia, La Plantation follow century-old traditions to preserve the original taste of each spice. They create new blends and recipes every year, bringing the unique Kampot terroir to tables around the world. The production model respects fair trade principles. As soon as harvested, the peppercorns, spices, roots, leaves and fruits are processed immediately in on-site processing facilities. This freshness preserves the quality and the aromas of the products. From farm to table, La Plantation build a short supply chain with trusted partners to guarantee the freshest spices.


Preserving Traditions

La Plantation head farmer, 5th generation of pepper growers, respects centuries-old traditions to preserve the taste of the finest pepper in the world, Kampot Pepper. Khmers, who still heal themselves with traditional and natural remedies, have an extensive knowledge of local plants and their benefits. In 2020, La Plantation went on a hunt to discover new spices across different provinces of Cambodia, and select with them rare and endemic spices.


Embracing Innovation

La Plantation conceives new preparations to sublime and preserve their spices, such as Green Kampot Pepper: salted or dehydrated, and their process of cold-smoking.

Their goal is to rediscover the best spices of Cambodia, whether cultivated or wild, to share them to the rest of the world.

La Plantation works in sanitized environments with trained workers to ensure compliance with international food safety and hygiene standards.

 Building Futures

La Plantation embraces Fair Trade principles with all their partners and offer good working conditions to their employees. They train them regularly, to improve their skills, following Sustainable Agriculture practices through organic agriculture, permaculture, and crop rotation.


Leading Towards Excellency

Quality is the base of the sustainability project. La Plantation farmers take care of each tree throughout the year: from hand-selecting each pepper corn, to treatment on the very day of harvest, and the quality control before packaging.

This quest for excellency is omnipresent in the experience La Plantation proposes to their visitors, an agro-tourism center in the Kampot region in Cambodia. It contributes to the brand’s reputation around the world.

La Plantation is certified «Producteur Artisan de Qualité» by the Collège Culinaire de France.



For the benefit of the rural community

La Plantation, is first and foremost to support rural communities of the Kampot region of Cambodia. Their vision of the project was, ever since its beginnings, social and equitable, respecting the Fair Trade principles. To this aim, They willed to offer good working conditions to their employees, buy products to a superior market price, respect the environment, commercialise from farm to table, support the educational programmes for children.

After 7 years, La Plantation is honoured to be certified by WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization). This international acknowledgement proves its everyday social engagement towards its employees and their families, as well as to small farmers of the region.

Les Écoles de La Plantation

The main goal of the NGO «Les Ecoles de la Plantation» is to facilitate access to primary education for all children living around the farm.

However, the main challenge and commitment is to provide these countryside children with the opportunity of studying in secondary schools and university, to access rewarding jobs.

More information: lesecolesdelaplantation.com