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Green Khmer Curry 50g

Green Khmer Curry 50g

Green Khmer Curry 50g



The Green Khmer Curry from La Plantation takes up a traditional Khmer recipe with lemony and vegetal notes. The spices are freshly ground to retain all the aroma of this curry. To be used directly in your dishes or with coconut milk.

La Plantation has selected the best spices to create a traditional Khmer Green Curry recipe. The spices have been powdered just before packaging to retain all their flavors.

Khmer cuisine is fragrant but not spicy. You will find lemon and vegetal notes in our Green Curry.

It works wonderfully with vegetables, such as zucchini, leeks or a mix of vegetables. Green Curry powder is used at the end of cooking to spice up and color your dish. Let the curry color your vegetables for a few minutes.
You can also add coconut milk and reduce your sauce over low heat.

Khmer Green Curry is ideal for soups, white meat, fish, rice.

Once the package is opened, we recommend that you keep the Green Curry in a closed jar, protected from light and moisture, so that it retains all its flavor and crunchiness.

Ingredients : Lemongrass leaves, Green Sweet Long Chili, Turmeric, Dehydrated Green Kampot Pepper, Fleur de Sel, spices.

 Photo : La Plantation Fairspices